Life before mattress

Mattress is a source of comfort and leisure. When one thinks of a mattress automatically you start to think about a comfy bed and your mind starts to drift towards sleep.

There was a time when there weren’t mattresses. I know it may sound odd right now but do you seriously think we had mattresses in the Stone Age? No we didn’t. Mattresses weren’t always here. So what do you think life was like before mattresses were made. One may wonder how did people sleep in the past? What did they use instead of a mattress? All these questions are going to be answered very soon.  So let’s walk across the memory lane of mattresses and what was it like before they were made.

Stone age:

During the stone age people used to use grass, leaves and animal skin as beds. It was due to the situation and surrounding of what they lived in. They would lay them on the ground and use that as a bed.

Egyptian time:

They used wood for the bed and wooden salts as mattress foam. They would use wool to make the pillows. They would use linen for sheets.

Roman time:

They had mattresses made out of wool, hay or reeds. Rich people had feathers stuffed into the mattresses. Poor families would use hay and animal skin as a blanket.

Medieval time:

They had straw stuffed into the mattress. They even used feathers but only the rick could afford that. The poor people used only animal skin or hay and sometimes even leaves.

Renaissance time:

During this time period it became more common for people to sleep on beds made out of wood and use feather stuffed mattresses. The sheets would be made out of linen or hemp.

1700AD-Present day:

Beds are made out of iron and wood. Mattresses are made up of many different things. Memory foam includes springs, coil, water bed. There are all sorts of mattresses now a-days. Such as foam mattress, spring mattress, air adjustable mattress, latex mattress, water mattress.

 So mattresses have come a long way if you look at the history. From people using leaves, hay, animal, feathers, wool,  to people using actually using foam. Now mattresses are of all size from single to double to king size. With all different type of foams, mattresses are even made for special purpose such as for outer space usage etc.