Best Black Friday Marketing Ideas

“Black Friday sales are worth the hype.” This is what most buyers think because, from a single hairpin sale to the mattress black Friday sale, everything is available at that time of the year—being a seller, how can somebody make this year’s Black Friday? This article will help you find some effective ideas to make the Black Friday sale an amazing bonus deal for you.

According to surveys, the US e-commerce hit a record of $3.34 on Black Friday? What does this figure tell us? People are now more inclined to online shopping than ever. 

Who does not want to avail of the year’s best sale, and especially this year, people will spend more time searching for the best online sale? To get this opportunity, this is what you can do.

1.    The email marketing

If you have a website, you may have several subscribers who want to get updates. You can use this as an opportunity. Write a great email and describe what you are offering this Black Friday. According to a survey by Custora, e-stores experienced an increase of 25.1% through the email marketing strategy.

Here is what you can do to design the best email.

  • Create an amazing subject line to attract the reader’s attention.
  • Emails need to be scheduled according to the prospective customer’s time.
  • Identify potential customers and create some amazing and appealing emails for them.

2.    Try a social media marketing strategy.

You cannot ignore social media; who do not use social media? Almost every single person who is going to do online shopping.

You should do the following things to make the social media marketing campaign work.

  • Plan different ads at different times. At least three advertisements are necessary, first for introducing the sale, the second before the sale, and the last one during the sale.
  • Only post ads when the maximum users are online.
  • Answer all the comments so that the buyers may not feel unattended.
  • Make relatable ads. They must carry a call to action.

3.    The countdown timer

Comparing the products can increase the risk of not buying the product. It is not because the products are not worthwhile, but the competitor’s marketing strategy can be a hurdle. You need to set a timer for everyday sale or ask the buyer to purchase as much s they can within a fixed time limit of reaching your website.

  • You can add the time limit for every product.
  • Mention this in the emails, make categories of the items on sale, and mention it through the mail.
  • Social media posts can also help in this regard.

4.    Upselling and cross-selling

Some clients may not like it, but for some wise ones, it can be a time-saver. They can buy a combination of products at a discount. Here is what you can do to make this work.

  • Write a message to all your customers and mention this discount.
  • Tell them that it is a limited stock offer and is only available for the lucky customers who did not wait for the sale to end.

5.    The landing pages

The landing page of any website is the source of the upcoming and ongoing events. Use this tool to its fullest.

  • Mention the Friday sales.
  • The offers in the black Friday sales.


Setting up a plan to make the most sales during the Black Friday sale season is only possible through smart work. The solutions mentioned above can help in making a lot of progress. The only thing that matters is the dedication and investment for the cause.